Don’t leave your commercial photography budget to chance.

commercial Photography Nottingham

Nobody wants to think about money, so let’s have some straight talking instead.

How would you feel about receiving UNLIMITED IMAGES at no extra cost?

And how about them having them fully edited and in 300dpi and 72dpi formats as standard?

So if I said you’d receive your images within 48 hours of the shoot ending, but more often than not on the same day, would that be of interest?

What does all this cost?

Here are my rates – 

Steve Edwards Photography Commercial Photographer Nottingham


Also included are the appropriate licences for on and offline uses and these are not time-dependent, there are no extra hidden charges. Once you’ve paid for your images, they are yours to do with as you please, although I do retain the copyright to all images and the right to use them for shameless self-promotion! For the Terms & Conditions click here.

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You can call on 07506998855 or email me or fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

VAT does not apply and all pricing includes all post-production costs and appropriate image usage licence. Images are delivered using online file transfer systems and multiple copies of varying specification can be requested. Extra travel costs are not incurred if within 25 miles of Carlton, Nottingham, if outside this radius please contact me for a quote. Registered charities receive a 20% discount.

I have access to a full studio, should you require it please be advised that hire costs will be incurred, please call or email for more information. Also, should any models or props be required they will be charged as extras and are not included in the hourly rate.