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Nottingham Commercial Photographer

Steve Edwards Photography Commercial Photographer Nottingham

I’m Steve Edwards. I’m a commercial photographer based in Carlton, Nottingham (NG4) and have many years of experience. I’ve always had cameras around the place, I got my first piece published in a motoring publication in 2008. I have continued to submit features and articles to various titles and my work can be seen in all good newsagents every month. If you’re a petrolhead like me then head over to my Automotive page and see some of the cool cars I’ve been lucky to shoot.

My portfolio has diversified and now includes images that I have created with online sellers, local fashion designers, estate agents, event organisers and of course people who want high quality headshots.

But why do I need a Professional Commercial Photographer?

I’m sure you agree that if you don’t know what you’re doing with regards to vehicle repairs or the plumbing or electrical systems in your home, it’s much better to defer to someone who has technical knowledge and experience. The same can be said for any images that you plan on using to sell a product, organisation, vehicle or even yourself. Would you trust Joe in Accounts who takes nice phone snaps on holiday with your product launch? Or have them create the first impression of your company or yourself on your social media channels? If you are happy with that, then please stop reading now and spend your time elsewhere on the internet as there’s nothing I can do to help you. However, if you agree that specialist knowledge is a wonderful thing and you’re happy to let a professional do his thing, then please read on and let me help you build your brand.

When you Book

When you book me you’ll be pleased to know that I will arrive not only with the correct equipment for the job but I also pride myself on my appearance and will be suitably attired for your event. I like to conduct myself in such a manner that I am an ambassador not only for myself but for your organisation too.

Prefer a Studio Shoot?

If you require a shoot in a studio, I use Riverbank Studio in Whatton, they have a 15 foot wite cove and are possibly the best-equipped studio outside of London, they also have a variety of lighting solutions for any products you might have. I’ve negotiated a discount of their rates fro my clients, so fill in the form below to get in touch or for a FREE Zoom consultation.