Meet Steve

Nottingham Commercial PR Brand Photographer

Thanks for stopping by, here’s a little bit about the guy behind the lens.

I’m Steve, I have always been interested in cameras and seem to have always seen the world with an eye for composition.

Let me let you into a little secret, there used to be very few photos of just me.

Why’s that? Well generally I’m the one taking the pictures and unless I’m taking a selfie with my wife, Cherie.

I’m just not that keen if I’m honest.

(I’ve looked on Facebook too, if there are any I’m mostly either drunk or asleep!)

I know, right? A photographer that doesn’t like to have his photo taken, what’s up with that? However, I had to have a Brand Shoot of my own so that I could practice what I preached!!

I do feel that having been through the expereince it helps me to empathise with you and the fact that you dislike it too. But don’t panic, I’ll get you to relax and we’ll create some stunning images that will build your brand.

Away from the camera, I like to travel, take our dog, Mr Tiggs for a walk, cars and camper vans, the odd funky shirt, live music especially country, and chilling out with a cold beer or gin & tonic.

Call me for a chat and we’ll find out exactly what you need and go from there.

That first step is the hardest!

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