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If you’re a Nottingham based sole trader or small business then it might be a safe bet that you are the face of your business.

Are you looking for Brand Photographer in Nottingham?

Helping you get more visibility and your message across.

What is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography shows your clients what makes you unique by creating images of you “Doing your Do” where you do it. It helps you to get your message out to your clients effectively by providing you with a library of pertinent images you can confidently post on your website and social media channels. This will also save you time searching for relevant content, you’ll already have them!

This is especially important if the business carries your name, like this one does, as there’s one image you won’t find on any stock photography site….


Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography

Why you need Brand Photography

These days it’s very important for all businesses to stand out from the crowd, it’s vital for entrepreneurs and independant businesses to be anything but boring.  The best way to show your ideal clients and customers what makes you amazing, is by showing them high-quality, bespoke images from a creative brand shoot.

It not only shows that you have creativity, vision and energy but that little something extra that your competitors don’t. Which is especailly important as we all know that people buy from people they….


Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography

Don’t use Stock Images

There are plenty of sites out there with images you can use for free, but your competitors will have access to them too and it’s not unusual to see the same images used.

Why not make your own? That way when your clients view your site, they can clearly see that it’s you in the images rather than some nameless person. Let me help you to create bespoke images that will suit you and your business.

Hate having your photo taken?

Guess what? Me too!

The majority of people aren’t that comfortable in the front of the camera, I’ll do my best to quickly relax you and help you get settled so we can effectively use your time. That way you can get back to doing what you do best, working on your business.

If a 3 hour shoot just fills you with dread, then how about a regular, monthly, 1 hour appointment to bring your latest ideas to life with up-to-date images?

Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography
Commercial Photographer Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography
Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography
Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography
Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography

What People Say…

“When I arrived at the studio, Steve had already come up with several poses which he thought might suit my needs so we made a start. He helped me get over my initial nerves with a good cup of coffee and great banter to help me relax and smile! He sent me through a fantastic selection the same day in both high and low res for print and web use. I’d highly recommend Steve’s services and will definitely be using him again very soon “
Andy Middleton
Graphite Media
“Steve is my go-to photographer for personal branding shots. It took 2 attempts to get over being camera shy as I hadn’t had any professional photo’s taken before but I got there eventually! Well worth the investment and will work with Steve for all of my future shots. It’s a fun half-day with him too!”

Misch Fretwell
The Customer Chatterbox
We often talk about the customer journey and experience in business, Steve Edwards has absolutely nailed it and I couldn’t have asked for more. He made the professional shoot fun and relaxing, listening and adapting cleverly throughout. I love the way he has captured my brand in additional to me and couldn’t be happier with the results. Outstanding value, investment and return for your money.
Karen Hannon
Busy Lives Business Support

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