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Before you engage the services of a photographer, not only should you take a look at their website and other
St Mary's Church Lace Market Nottingham 360 degree imageCommercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography
A 360 degree panorama image may be flat like the one above But with the right software, it can also
Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography
In all honesty, you can’t match the quality that you get from a full frame DSLR with a phone, it’s
Nottingham Commercial Photographer
It’s important to me to get value for my money and of course, I like to make sure that my
Most people like to have exclusive access and feel they are getting something that others are not, who wouldn’t like
As a photographer, I get asked often for recommendations for which camera I think people should buy.  My reply is
We all know the old adage that “People buy from people” and of course it’s true. In the current climate
So you’ve decided to invest in a commercial photographer to do a professional photo shoot. Whether it’s for personal branding
All DSLR cameras have multiple focus points but do you need them and how do you use them effectively like
When you’re shooting cars for whatever reason, whether they are for sale or especially for a magazine feature, you really