Why I use flash in my photography

One of the most useful and versatile tools in a photographer’s kit is a flash. While many photographers prefer to rely on natural light, using a flash can significantly improve the quality of your images. In this blog, I’ll tell you the reasons why I use flash in my photography.

  1. Control Over Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of using a flash is the control it gives you over the lighting in your images. When shooting in low-light situations or indoors, a flash can provide the necessary light to illuminate the subject and create a well-lit image. By adjusting the flash power, you can control the amount of light that is emitted, allowing you to achieve the desired level of exposure.

Commerical Photography Nottingham Lighting the room

Adding flash to a large room with limited lighting

  1. Freeze Motion

Another advantage of using a flash is the ability to freeze motion. When photographing moving objects, such as athletes or animals, a flash can help freeze the action, resulting in a sharper and more detailed image. Without a flash, the image may be blurred due to the movement, which can be distracting and take away from the overall quality of the photo.

Commercial Photography Nottingham adding flash to freeze motion

Add flash to freeze motion which works well with athletes like Will Sharman

  1. Fill in Shadows

In outdoor photography, harsh sunlight can create unwanted shadows on the subject’s face, causing them to appear unflattering. A flash can be used to fill in the shadows, providing a more even exposure and creating a more flattering image. This technique is commonly used in portrait photography, but can also be useful in other genres of photography.

Commercial Photography Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography

Using flash to add light to the foreground while letting the sun take care of the rest.

  1. Create Drama

Using a flash can also help create dramatic and creative images. By placing the flash off-camera, you can create interesting and unique lighting effects, such as silhouettes or backlighting. This technique can be particularly effective in portrait and fashion photography, as well as in artistic and conceptual photography.

Commercial Photographer Nottingham Steve Edwards Photography

Adding off-camera flash to create a dramatic effect

  1. Consistency

Using a flash can also provide consistency in your images, especially in challenging lighting conditions. By using a flash, you can ensure that the exposure is consistent across all images, regardless of the lighting situation. This can be particularly useful in event photography, where lighting conditions may change frequently.

These images taken in three seperate locations but using the same lights and backdrop gives the client the consistence they required.

In conclusion, I use flash in my photography to significantly improve the quality of my images. It provides control over lighting, freezes motion, fills in shadows, creates drama, and provides consistency. While natural light can be beautiful, I’ve used flash to help me achieve the desired effects and make my clients look their very best.

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