Behind The Scenes

Most people like to have exclusive access and feel they are getting something that others are not, who wouldn’t like to “turn left” when they board a plane rather than head back to the cramped confines of economy seating?  We all like to see what they are getting for the extra money and how they are treated just to see if we think it’s worth it.

Are you doing that for your existing and prospective clients? Can they see you “doing your do?”

You do know they’d be interested don’t you?  No, really, they would.

No matter what you do, from crafting flower arrangements for your florist’s shop to finding out how things are built we all love a sneaky peek behind the curtain of every business.

I love to find out how other people work, I always manage to pick up something useful that improves my own workflow, and how things are made. Clever people amaze me and I love working with them as they never fail to surprise me with their ingenuity.

If you’re not letting your customers peak behind your curtain, then you’re missing a trick, unless you have changing rooms in your establishment, then you really should keep those private!

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