Nottingham Commercial Photographer

How do you give value as a Photographer?

It’s important to me to get value for my money and of course, I like to make sure that my clients get the best treatment possible.

Nottingham Commercial Photographer

You’d think in business that would be a sensible thing to do right?

I’ve never understood why some photographers have a set number of images included in the price, what do they do with the ones you don’t select?

It’s my guess that it’s a not so clever way to get more money out of their customers by charging extra for the remaining shots of the shoot.

So, I might be missing an opportunity, but I supply all my clients with however many images pass my quality control.  I try not to commit to an actual amount as no one can predict how a shoot will go, but I always do my best to get the images right in the camera so there is less Photoshop manipulation work.  That means your clients get to see the “real” you rather than a stylised version, when you show up to a meeting you can’t go as the smoothed out, perfectly presented version that can be created with manipulation, so be yourself and go with that.

I deliver images in both 72dpi and 300dpi formats as standard, it takes literally 5 minutes to do so why do others charge?  72dpi is very web-friendly and won’t slow your website down while the 300dpi format is magazine quality print ready so if you have any printed media then these are the images for you.

That’s more images than you expected and in two formats at no extra charge, so what else can I do to increase value?

How about delivery in 48 hours or less from the end of the shoot?  While you’re still excited about having your photo taken you’ll receive the images digitally, that way you can get on with whatever project you’re working on without delay.

I always try to exceed my client’s expectations and over deliver, it makes perfect sense to me.

Nottingham Commercial Photographer

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