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Why use a Professional Property Photographer?

It’s obvious that if you are selling a property that you are going to want it have it looking it’s best to attact as much atention as possible. As of course, the more eyes on it and the more interest in it will result in a higher selling price and bigger profit margin.

But isn’t a phone just as good?

A lot of property photography is shot using a phone or tablet as it just wouldn’t be cost effective to use a professional photographer. However, for high-end properties it makes sense to use equipment that has the capabilities to adjust the amount of light that hits the sensor. Also using a DSLR give you the freedom to take multiple shots and then merge them together in Photoshop.

By using this tecnique it means that the exposure of the image can be adjusted for both interior and exterior views, so you can say goodbye to white, over-exposed windows.

Staging your property so it looks great.

Making your property look attractive to others is subjective as some people won’t have similar taste to you. But in general it’s a good idea to clear the clutter, open the curtains, switch on all the lights and make sure hide the any bins and dog food bowls.

You want the property to look it’s best but avoid doing anything that may cause anything that can be misconstrued. So if your wall mounted TV has cables then tidying them away makes for a better photo but the buyer may assume you’ve buried them.

Click and hold down your left mouse key to move the image around or use your finger or VR headset.

360 Degree Panorama Images

I don’t just take high quality images of houses and other buildings, I now have a 10.5mm fisheye lens and a multi-row panoramic head for my tripod. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry, all it means is that now have the capabilities to create those cool 360 degree images that you can scroll around in. As I’m using a DSLR to capture these images it means your customers will be able to zoom in and see the incredible detail a full-frame camera delivers.

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