How much does a Commercial Photographer cost?

For many people, this is the BIG question and for some, it’s a stumbling block as to if they hire a Commercial Photographer or use some stock images that they could find, possibly even for free, on the internet.

Steve Edwards Photography Commercial Photographer Nottingham

The only problem with stock images is that everyone has access to the same photos and may possibly using them already, and of course there’s always something very important missing from stock images and that’s YOU! So why not consider having some of your own “stock” images made for you? You’ll definitely be the one using those for sure.

If you require images for a high-end magazine or billboard campaign then you’re going to require some really high-quality images and to be honest, that is going to cost you. You’ll need a full-on studio, models, stylists and of course a photographer with the right gear to produce your images.  If you’re not conversant with camera technology there are basically 2 formats for DSLRs, crop sensor and full-frame before you step up to medium format which gives you amazing detail but at a price, these cameras retail upwards of around £45k and that’s generally for just the body, lenses are extra! Photographers using this equipment can charge eye-watering prices but the images they produce are worth every penny and if you’re in that position, you’ll know that already.

For smaller to medium-sized businesses a full-frame camera is the right choice for both printed media and for internet use, I currently use Nikon d810’s which have the full 35mm sensor and was a step up from my previous, crop frame, equipment. Most commercial photographers use full-frame equipment but some are still managing to create decent images with the kit that is produced for the semi-pro market. It’s worth asking your potential photographer what they have so you know what you’re getting.

Steve Edwards Photography Commercial Photographer Nottingham

So how much does a commercial photographer cost? My prices are posted on my website, here, I like to be as transparent as possible and with that in mind I have no hidden charges or extra costs. I don’t operate an image limit so you get all the images that pass my quality control, that way you can decide which images you use. Some of my personal branding clients have had enough images that allow them to add them to their social media channels on a regular basis which is a huge bonus for them as the one studio session can produce a host of content that can be drip-fed over a longer period which gives value for money.

If you want to look your best, then look for a commercial photographer that you want to work with, one who displays their prices on their website is best, hint hint! Click here to get in touch.