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Why would I need an Automotive Photographer?

There’s actually a lot more to photographing vehicles than just point and shoot,  I got my professional start working with cars and camper vans for some specialist motoring publications, this is something I still do and am featured monthly in various magazines. High-quality images are key when trying to promote business by including your fleet or even if you are selling a vehicle, knowing which angles to use and good lighting set up will make a world of difference.

Steve Edwards Photography Commercial Photographer Nottingham

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Steve Edwards Photography Commercial Photographer Nottingham


It’s harder than it looks to photograph a vehicle successfully, especially when you have not just the way the light hits it to consider but also the reflections too. You need to make sure there’s no rubbish or stray blades of grass obscuring your shot, it’s always helpful to keep the vehicle owners under control too. It really helps to use a polarising filter and in fact I’ve written a blog all about that here.


I can create rolling shots by either attaching a rig to the vehicle and moving it at a slow speed, or recreating the effect in Photoshop. The lighting I use is a pair of Godox 600 watt strobe flashes which even on a bright day are definitely worth using, they are battery powered so are fully portable.

Testimonials –

I am the editor of VW Bus Magazine, Steve has been shooting for us for nearly ten years. He has undertaken a wide variety of photographic work from vehicle shoots through shop tours and company profiles, to travel pieces and even a cookery column! His photographic work is exemplary, flexible in his approach, he has never missed a deadline and is unfailingly helpful. He leaves me with the impression that he cares as much about the success of the magazine as we do. He’s even a nice bloke, I would not hesitate to recommend him!”

Alan Hayward – VW T4&5+ Magazine

“Thanks to Steve Edwards, this guy has been with us from the beginning, he shoots all our builds and pretty much gave us a head start. Loyalty is hard to come by and we can’t thank him enough for what he has done for us.”

Toni Cunliffe – Slambassador

“Steve has done a lot of work for Street Machine since it restarted in 2017, and never fails to turn in a quality shoot. He’s enthusiastic, personable, talented and reliable, plus he submits bang on time and for very reasonable rates. Even though he’s a freelancer, I consider Steve part of the SM team.”

Dave Smith – Street Machine Magazine

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